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The price is PER FISH. The Peacock assortment is a collection of up to 10 or more (depending on the size of the package) species of Aulonocara . One of the most colorful specimens in the hobby, these fish are the ugly ducklings that grow to be the swans of the Cichlid community. They combine well with the Hapichromis assortment or prestige assortment of mbunas. These fish are PRICED PER FISH and are usually bought in numbers of 10 or more. These fish are priced per fish so order the number you want. There are discounts on the larger packages. We select these fish based on color and compatibility, biased toward and large variety depending on the size of the package. These fish will be unsexed so expect an approximate ratio of 50/50 of males and females. You can pay extra for a bias to select more males. It will not be 100% but you can expect a higher percentage of males. There will be some females included. Since the selection criteria is based on sex and some of the species available will be impossible to sex with any certainty, there will be fewer number of species in this assortment. This assortment may include a limited number of the males have had food induced coloration additive to make their gender more conspicuous. We may also add some extras fish in to enhance the probability of a higher percentage of males in relation to the original number purchased at no extra cost. 55 gallon tanks 20- 25 fish 75 gallon tanks 25-30 fish 90 gallon tanks 30-35 fish 125-150 gallon 45-50 fish We feed these fish The Bluegrass All Purpose Formula sold on this site.