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The price for these is PER FISH. The Hap/Peacock assortment is a combo of the Peacock and Malawi. Combining this product with the Prestige assortment will make an excellent and interesting display. These fish are PRICED PER FISH and are usually bought in numbers of 10 or more. These fish are priced per fish so order the number you want. You will be charged the price of the fish times the number requested. Because cichlids do better in high-density environments we recommend crowding the tank to reduce aggression and increase the beauty of the tank. You must feed responsibly do regular water changes and have a robust filter system to create this type of display. Sexing options such as mostly males or All Males! 55-gallon tanks 20- 25 fish 75-gallon tanks 25-30 fish 90-gallon tanks 30-35 fish 125-150 gallon 45-50 fish We feed these fish The Bluegrass All Purpose Formula sold on this site. The fish selected by Bluegrass Aquatics in the assortments are from our best stock. They are chosen on the available inventory with a bias to color, compatibility and highest amount of variety the size of your package allows us to offer. Second is the size, we choose those of the 2-2.5 inch size when possible, but not if it limits the variety. The current inventory is a good guide to see what kind of species we are choosing from. Most of the fish will likely be species not readily found at a typical Pet Store.