Assorted Packages
  • Medium Male peacock assortment

    This is an ideal choice for someone who wants an all male display tank at a reasonable price. The selection will vary but the quality and variety of species and colors will always be beautiful. Unlike the Large assortment many of the male will just...


  • MIXED FANCY ANGEL - regular

    ANGEL MIXED FANCY REGULAR Pterophyllum scalare Pterophyllum scalare Description: A peaceful fish that can be combined in any community tank with other peaceful, medium to large sized fishes. Do not combine with small fishes for these will likely be...


  • The Hap/Peacock Assortment Packages

    The price for these is PER FISH. The Hap/Peacock assortment is a combo of the Peacock and Malawi. Combining this product with the Prestige assortment will make an excellent and interesting display. These fish are PRICED PER FISH and are usually...


  • The Peacock Assortment Packages

    The price is PER FISH. The Peacock assortment is a collection of up to 10 or more (depending on the size of the package) species of Aulonocara . One of the most colorful specimens in the hobby, these fish are the ugly ducklings that grow to be the...


  • The Standard Malawi Assortment packages Medium

    The Standard Malawi Mix is an 8 to 12 plus species mix of mostly mbuna and Haplochromis species. They exhibit an impressive splash of color to any new or existing tank. This mix is an ideal selection for beginners and experience cichlid hobbyist...