Julidochromis are small-growing dwarf cichlids and easy to spawn and care for if their basic needs are fulfilled. Like all Lake Tanganyika cichlids, they are best maintained in hard water, with a pH of 7.9 - 9.0 and a hardness of 12-14 kH.   Only one species of Julidochromis should be kept in any small (20-55 gallon) aquariums, of their willingness  to hybridise.   The tank should be decorated with rocks to form caves and passageways as shelter; like many other Rift Valley cichlids they tare territorial and somewhat aggressive. However, Julidochromis can be shy in the aquarium and the use of dither fish may reduce their tendency to remain hidden. Despite this, like many Rift Lake cichlids they can be aggressive. It is therefore best to keep them not with general tropical fish, but with other cichlids
  • Julidochromis transcriptus - regular

    Julidochromis transcriptus-The masked julie is a species of cichlid endemic to Lake Tanganyika in Africa where it is found only along the northwestern shore preferring areas with rocky substrates.