Neochromis Omnicaeruleus (Makobe Island) - Tricolor Fulu 1.25 - 2.25 inch

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Neochromis omnicaeruleus is an very rare and aggressivefish. Along with Mbipia lutea it is one of the most territorial Victorian mbipi. This being said, it's an amazing fish when OB (orange-blotched) or WB (white-blotched) colored, you may find some males that are blue -white and black blotched, some are orange, green or yellow blotched. The Makobe population in particular has more blotched females than plain colored females. This fish is found at a depth of 1 to at least 6 meters, and lives in gently to steeply sloping areas with large to small boulders. N. omnicaeruleus consumes blue green algae and diatoms on the rocks. Its dentition is close to the Neochromis rufocaudalis but differs in a few small details. It shares its habitat with many other algae scrapers such as Neochromis rufocaudalis, N. gigas, Mbipia lutea, N. sp. "Juma scraper", N. greenwoodi. There are some morphology differences among populations of the omnicaruleus species, the population around Ruti Island is red colored in the pelvic fin and caudal fin with a white anal fin, while the Makobe Island Population doesn't have any red on any fins. It is important to keep these populations segregated in captivity as they are separated by large and deep open water in the wild. Tank raised by Florida fish farmer or hobbyist These fish prosper on the Bluegrass Aquatics All Purpose Formula sold on this site.