Metriclima estherae red zebra "cherry red" :1.25 -2.25 inches

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This is a Very red variant of the common red zebra Instead of the typical orange color this is a very red variant with black eyes. This fish is avalible in limited quanities and not in stock often. This is a Scientific Name: Metriaclima estherae (Red) commonly called Red Zebra this fish is popular in the hobby for its bright colors and willingness to breed in captivity. Some versions the male is blue while others both the male and female are orange/red. There is a new variety developed by some Florida farmers called cherry red the males and females start out a orange/red. At sexual maturity, the males will be more red than orange and if you feed them a good, color enhancing food, and provide the proper environment, you can get them as red as the one in the picture. They appreciate the addition of a quality aquarium or Cichlid Salt at the rate of 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. This is the size of the fish for sale.