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Marigold Variatus Regular Xiphophorus variatus The variatus, also known as the variatus platy or the variable platyfish is a species of freshwater fish in the Poecilidae family. These are very friendly fish to keep in the aquarium. They do not have any issues being a tank with other fish. There will be little to no confrontation. These fish are mainly found on the Atlantic side of Mexico, although due to their popularity, they are released all over the place in freshwater. They keep to mainly streams, canals, ditches, and other slow moving waterways. With this being said, they prefer being a cooler setting tank Color: The variatus come in a wide variety of color due to popular breeding. All are very pretty and will look good in any tank. Diet: Omnivorous The variatus will eat anything from plants to small insects or crustaceans. Even though they eat more than just plants, keep their diet with high veggie food, such as algae.