Hump Head Glass Fish - LARGE  (very unusual)

Hump Head Glass Fish - LARGE (very unusual)

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Described as recently as 2003, the Humphead glassfish has quickly become one of the more familiar members of the family Ambassidae. It is generally much like any other glassfish, but is always distinguished by that large nuchal hump! Unlike the humps on cichlids, the shape on these glassfish is thin — resembling more of a fin than anything else. Both sexes have these humps, though those on mature males are larger. Apart from these distinctive humps, Parambassis pulcinella conform, in most regards, to the usual glassfish shape. They are not as transparent as some other glassfish species, but have a rather beautiful golden sheen that immediately catches the eye. Basic coloration is otherwise silvery-white, except for smoky-grey markings on face and fins.

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