Haplochromis sp.Ruby Green regular 1.25 - 2.25 inch

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The Ruby Green is named for its obvious red and green colors, found on the males. The females are more grey and black. This Victorian haplochromis bonds well with other fish that tend to not be so aggressive, and also with fish that are on the same diet as it, like mbuna. The Ruby Green is an herbivorous cichlid, and will stay healthy with foods high in vegetable content, such as a Spirulina-based flake food. The Red Zebra Hippocampus Green and Stampede are great choices for food. When raising this cichlid, try and keep the male-female relationship at least 4 or 5:1. The dominant male will tend to show more color when there are less male cichlids in the tank. This fish is easy to raise and beautiful to look at! We feed these fish Red Zebra Stampede or Rainbow flakes or crumbles. For juveniles under 2 inches we feed Grow Baby Grow.