GOLD BARB regular

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GOLD BARB regular Puntius semifasciolatus Other names: China Barb These Gold Barbs are beautiful fish. They live well with others, but you don't want to keep them alone. Keep around 5-6 in a tank, and their peaceful personality will show. These barbs are equipped with a pair of barbells located on the upper jaw, in the corners of their mouth. Also, they have a highly arched hump on their back as barbs do. The Gold barb will of course have a yellow green shade, but covered by the golden lustre. There are also a series of spots located on the sides of the fish. Gold Barbs feed on plant matter, worms and crustaceans. They will also be able to eat a tropical flake accompanied with 5 or so worms, frozen or live. As stated above, Gold Barbs should never be kept alone, but in groups. They can live well with other Asian species, such as the Paradisefish. These fish can also tolerate temperatures of slightly below 64-75.