Buccochromis Nototaenia -1.25 -2.25 inches

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Scientific Name: Buccochromis nototaenia is sometimes called Mbowe. This fish is found though out the Lake where there is a sandy substrate and preying on smaller fish. This fish is a dimorphic maternal mouth brooder and the females will guard their fry for several weeks. The nototaenia is a mild tempered fish reaching a maximum size of over 14 inches. We have fed our fish the current All Purpose Fish Food Formula in our Florida Facility for over a year. Our cichlids are noticeably more active, grow quicker, have improved color, and we have all but eliminated bloat in even the most sensitive species, including tropheus. We have fed it to New World and African cichlids, assorted Livebearers, Discus, Loaches, Catfish, Danios, Tetras, Australian Rainbows, and virtually any fish that will eat a prepared food.