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Bloodfin tetras are typically kept in schools of five or more. They swim mainly in the upper and middle water layers and are highly sociable fishes, mixing well with other types of tetra and tropical fish in general, and so are therefore well suited (like many other tetras) to a community tank. However, they will tend to nip at the fins of fish with long, wavy fins, such as angelfishes or guppies. Bloodfin tetras have also been kept in cold-water tanks, providing the temperature does not drop below room temperature. They thrive quite happily in temperatures ranging from 64–83 degrees Fahrenheit. Bloodfin tetras are long-lived, and often live ten years. Tetra are species of small freshwater fish from Africa, Central America and South America belonging to the biological family Characidae and to its former subfamilies Alestiidae (the "African tetras") and Lebiasinidae. The Characidae are distinguished from other fish by the presence of a small adipose fin between the dorsal fin and caudal fin. Many of these, such as the neon tetra (Paracheirodon innesi), are brightly colored and easy to keep in captivity. Consequently, they are extremely popular for home aquaria From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia