Aulonocara maisoni - 1.25 -2.25 inches

Aulonocara maisoni - 1.25 -2.25 inches

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Aulonocara masoni belongs to the Aulonocara stuartgranti complex of peacock cichlids. It is unique in that it shares a location with another, closely related A. stuartgranti member – Aulonocara maulana. These two species reside at Chitimba Bay, Malawi and are separated by less than 20 meters in depth and a mere 2.5 km of sand! The masoni is a deep water fish, claiming a habitat of large sheets of sandstone at 22 m whereas the maualana is found on a sand bar at only 5 m down. Masoni are characterized by an overall blue body color with orange ventral fins. It is also one of the largest of the peacocks, reaching lengths as long as 13 cm.

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