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Apistogramma is a genus of approximately a hundred species of fish from the family Cichlidae found in tropical areas of the Amazon basin and Venezuela. Apistogramma literally means "irregular lateral line" referring to a common trait of the species under this taxon. Most species are strongly sexually dimorphic, with males generally largerand differently coloured to females. Brood care is highly developed, as in most Cichlidae. All Apistogramma species spawn in caves, typically under rocks or in holes in sunken logs or branches. A number of breeding strategies exist. Some species breed in polygynous harems, while other species form monogamous pairs. In most cases, reagardless of the breeding strategy, the female is more highly involved with brood care, whilst the male defends a territory from predators. The sex of the fry is affected by the water conditions, with warmer and softer water favoring more males. Diet All Apistogramma species are micropredators. Their main prey items consist of insect larvae, fry of other fishes and other invertebrates. Aquarium care Apistogramma are popular aquarium residents, particularly in community or planted aquariums. These fish are quite peaceful, and won't attack fish from any other genus unless they enter their territory. In the Amazon, Apistogramma inhabit soft acidic water and require similar conditions in the aquarium. Many Apistogramma species are very sensitive to changes in water chemistry. Apistogramma are best kept in species tanks with plenty of cover (in the form of plants and driftwood). Although popular, Apistogramma species are not recommended for inexperienced cichlid hobbyists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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