Terms and Conditions


Q.   What is the guarantee on live arrival?


A.   Bluegrass Aquatics guarantees live arrival on all packages shipped. We must be notified within two hours of arrival of any issues. We will, however, do our best to resolve any problems or question you may have after two hours. It is our goal to help you keep your fish alive and healthy. "Live arrival" is defined by Bluegrass Aquatics as follows: upon opening the box and inspecting your new arrivals, the fish are all swimming and appear to be in good order. In other words, they are not floating upside down dead. If you receive fish that do not meet these standards, it is the customer's responsibility to take digital pictures of the fish and email them to us within two (2) hours of receiving the fish. The digital pictures of your DOA fish should be taken while the fish is in the unopened bag or lay them on a paper plate if it’s discovered they are dead after they have been released.  if any abnormal conditions or extreme stress of the fish is observed, (example, They come in cold). Then email us at and let us know your having issues. We will usually extend the guarantee until the fish are acting and eating normally. We do not refund the cash value of the cost of shipping. Any fish that we deem unsatisfactory or dead we will either replace, refund, or issue a store credit at our discretion.


Q: What are your terms?


We only ship orders once they are paid in full and any payments have cleared.


We try to ship all orders the next shipping day after your payment has cleared.


We ship Tuesday through Thursday with FedEX Overnight and Tuesday and Wednesday with Priority Mail. We usually don’t ship on Monday’s because many of our suppliers do not allow pick ups on Monday because they have fish coming in that day. "Overnight shipping" refers only to the method by which the package carrier will deliver your fish. We generally ship the first shipping day after you place your order.


Although there should never be any reason for a customer to file a chargeback on a credit card, Amazon, or Paypal, if you feel the need to go that route this is our procedure for handling them. If you dispute a payment to us, any charges that are incurred will be invoiced to you. We require all items purchased on that transaction returned to us, there will be no exceptions to this no matter how the dispute is settled with the exception of you withdrawing the dispute. If we do not reach an agreement regarding a dispute, the dispute is found in your favor,  and all items have not been returned to us, you will be invoiced for all original charges. In addition, any fee's incurred from the dispute and a $25.00 administrative fee for invoices under $100.00 or a $45.00 administrative fee for orders over $100.00 will be applied. Any unpaid invoice will be charged a 2.5% a month late fee for the first 90 days and on or after day 91 the invoice will be considered to be in default and will be turned over to credit reporting agencies, our collection agency, or may be filed in a lawsuit at the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court in Tampa, FL.