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Swordtails are live-bearing fish of the genus Xiphophorus. These are typically slightly larger fish as adults than other live-bearers but they still make good community fish provided enough space. Males should be provided with multiple females as they can really aggravate a lone female. Also, males will often chase one another, but damage is seldom done. Only the male fish has the caudal fin extension that gives this group its name. There are currently 28 recognized species and some have several tank strains as well. For more details on this species,check out the product description tab below. The size chart is also available next to the product description tab.


Xiphophorus helleri

The swordtails are very good fish to have for beginners. They have vibrant colors and are easy to maintain in the tank. The most common color for these fish is the orange/red colors. These fish do much better in groups, in about 4-6. Just like in most animals, these fish get very competitive whenever it is mating season. During this time, the females prefer plenty of hiding space in the tank, even though the tank doesn't need to be that big for the fish to thrive. A good ratio for the Xiphophorus Helleri is 2:1 (females:males). Swordtails will eat anything really, but it is advised that flake food is given on a daily basis. As you can imagine, these fish get their name from the sword at the end of the tail.

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These fish are sold as unsexed unless otherwise described. The sizes do not include the tail of a male

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