• Blue Throat Trigger Male Indonesia - MEDIUM

    The gilded triggerfish or blue-throated Triggerfish, Xanthichthys auromarginatus, is a spotted gray triggerfish. Males of the species have blue cheeks and yellow-bordered white fins. They can grow up to 22 centimetres in length.


  • BURSA TRIGGER - small

    Rhinecanthus verrucosus, the blackbelly triggerfish is a ray-finned fish in the family Balistidae. It is found in the west Indo-Pacific. It occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade. It is sometimes known as the blackpatch triggerfish.


  • CLOWN TRIGGER - medium

    Balistoides conspicillum..Clown triggerfish, also known as the bigspotted triggerfish, are demersal marine fish belonging to the family Balistidae, or commonly called triggerfish.


  • Crosshatch Trigger Female LARGE

    Xanthichthys mento is a triggerfish from the Western Pacific. It inhabits outer-reef areas at depths of 6–131 m, and feeds on zooplankton. Xanthichthys mento grows to a size of 29 cm in length and occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade.


  • HUMA HUMA TRIGGER - medium

    Rhinecanthus aculeatus-The lagoon triggerfish (Rhinecanthus aculeatus), also known as the blackbar triggerfish, the Picasso triggerfish, the Picassofish, and the Jamal, is a triggerfish


  • NIGER TRIGGER - small

    The red-toothed triggerfish or Niger trigger, Odonus niger, is a triggerfish of the tropical Indo-Pacific area, the sole member of its genus


  • PINK TAIL TRIGGER - medium

    The pinktail triggerfish, Melichthys vidua, is a species of triggerfish from reefs in the Indo-Pacific. It is very dark green with translucent whitish-pink dorsal and tail fins.


  • Rectangle Trigger SMALL

    The reef, rectangular, or wedge-tail triggerfish, also known by its Hawaiian name, humuhumunukunuku?pua?a (pronounced [?humu?humu?nuku?nuku?wa?pu?w???]), also spelled Humuhumunukunukuapua'a or just humuhumu for short; meaning "triggerfish with a snout...