• Blue Spot Grouper MEDIUM

    Blue Spot Grouper ..Cephalopholis argus, also known as: roi, bluespotted grouper, argus grouper, peacock hind, peacock grouper or peacock rockcod is a fish from the Indo-Pacific which is variously a commercial gamefish


  • Cherry/Skunk Grouper SMALL

    Cherry/Skunk Grouper SMALL Variola louti Yellow-edged lyretail is the common name for the species Variola louti. It is also commonly known as the lyretail grouper or the coronation cod.


  • Panther Grouper LARGE

    The humpback grouper, panther grouper, or also in Australia barramundi cod, Cromileptes altivelis, is a demersal marine fish which belongs to the family Serranidae, the groupers