Bicolor Pseudochromis  MEDIUM

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  Scientifically speaking, the basslets are members of the family Grammatidae. Within the marine fish hobby world this category also includes members of the family Serranidae. These typically smaller fish pack a lot of options in a small package. Basslets can be found in a dazzling array of super bright colors, but they are often territorial and aggressive, so keeping more than one male is often ill advised.

The fish are not offered as male or female, so just one basslet per tank please!

Check out Size Chart Tab below for size descriptions:

Bicolor Pseudochromis  MEDIUM Pictichromis paccagnella  
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Saltwater Basslet fish sold on this site are generally 1 inches to 4 inches in length. All of these small fish are sold as unsexed juveniles. Different sizes will be designated in the description as follows. Size will vary for species and season.

TR - tank raised 1- 2 inches

Small 2 - 3 inches

Medium 3-4 inches

Large 4-6 inches