Queen Angel Medium

Queen Angel Medium

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Angel Queen Medium Holacanthus ciliaris Common Name: Queen Angel Description: The Queen Angel is blue and yellow across its entire body. On its head, there is one single blue crown and both its anal and dorsal fins are elongated. The Queen Angel is probably noted by many as one of the most beautiful angelfish. While these fish are very similar to the Blue Angelfish, it is important to remember the two traits that separate them - their blue crown and the shape of their tails. Only Queen Angel have a blue crown on their head and a more rounded tail. Recommended Tank Size: The Queen Angel needs lots of room, therefor a tank of about 150 gallons would be ideal. These fish require more swimming space and less hiding space, so very little live rock is needed inside the tank. While you may not want to fill your tank with other Queen Angel, it is however okay to allow them to be with other angelfish species. The temperature of the water should be kept between 72 - 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Food & Diet: The Queen Angel is an omnivore. The Queen Angel should be fed specialist sponge-based angelfish foods and its diet supplemented with squid flesh, occasional treats of saltwater fish flesh, and fresh vegetables. If your Queen Angel have trouble eating you may want to try peppering their foods with a little bit of garlic, this should help them eat better. Care Level: Moderate Reef Compatibility: Not reef safe, nips at sponges.

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