Placidochromis Phenochilus1.5 inch

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Tank raised by Florida fish farmer or hobbyist MALAWI CICHLIDS SOLD ON THIS SITE ARE GENERALLY 1.25 INCHES TO 2.25 INCHES IN LENGTH AND ARE SOLD AS UNSEXED JUVENILES. DIFFERENT SIZES WILL BE DESIGNATED IN THE SIZE CHART BELOW. Small: 1 inch Regular: 1.25 -2.25 inches Medium: 2.5 - 3.5 inches Large: 4-6 inches If you are stocking a new tank or a tank with cichlids under 3 inches you will be safe with small , and regular sizes. If you are stocking a tank that has existing cichlids that are over 3 inches you should only choose regular, or medium sizes. Most cichlids sold in pet stores are 2 -2.5 inches in size. Our fish are sold smaller because of the demand for these fish and because they ship better at smaller sizes. Our customers have accepted this due to the rarity of the fish offered on our website compared to many of the retail stores. These fish grow so fast, the initial size is less relevant to the quality of genetics and rarity of species. Our regular sized fish will measure between the width of a quarter and the width of a $.50 cent piece. The dynamics of the size is manifested when you know that a 2 inch fish will appear to be 3-4 times the mass of a 1.25 inch fish, since it is not just longer but deeper and thicker and the color is often more robust.

These are one of my favorite Haps. They are big fish reaching 8 -10 inches at maturity. Males of this species are prized for their white and light blue spots that glitter across the entire length of their bodies..In the lake it normally feeds on small invertebrates that are digged up by large sand dwelling fish like Taeniolethronops praeorbitalis. Protomelas phenochilus will rush from cloud to cloud hoping to grab some food, a behavior which will be shown in the aquarium too: they will be attracted when you stir up the bottom.

The first video below is of my show male. He was 5 or 6 years old at the time of this video .

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