Odd Balls


    LIONFISH Batrachomoeus trisphinosus..Inhabits reefs, mangrove estuaries, and offshore trawling grounds . Found over muddy bottoms in shallow estuaries and along coasts.


  • MARBLE GOBY regular size

    Oxyeleotris marmoratus..Oxyeleotris marmorata, the Marble Goby, is a widely distributed species of sleeper goby native to fresh and brackish waters of the Mekong and Chao Praya basins as well as rivers and other water bodies


  • Pikehead Crocodile Fish - MEDIUM

    Luciocephalus pulcher, the pikehead, is a species of gourami native to the Malaya Peninsula, Sumatra, and Borneo. It inhabits flooded forests, streams, and peat swamps living in areas with plentiful vegetation.



    The armoured bichir or banded bichir (Polypterus delhezi) is a snake-like fish that ranges from the Congo River, specifically in the upper and middle portions


  • RUBY SCAT - small

    Scatophagus argus rubifrons....catophagus argus, a fish in the scat family (Scatophagidae), occurs in two basic color morphs which are called green scat and ruby or red scat.


  • RUBY SCAT medium

    Scatophagus argus rubifrons Description Family: Scatophagidae Origin: Indo-Pacific Care: intermediate Environment: some cover pH: 7.5-8.5 Temperature: 72-80 F Hardness dH: 10 Min. Tank Size: 30 gal Max. fish size in aq: 15" Origin of specimen: wild ...


  • SCARLET BADIS regular

    COMMON NAME - Bengal dario, Scarlet badis SCIENTIFIC NAME - Dario dario formerly known as Badis bengalensis. Not be confused with their slightly larger cousins, blue badis, Badis badis badis DISTRIBUTION - West Bengal, India HABITAT- They are found in...