Imperator Angel Juvenile - Medium size

Imperator Angel Juvenile - Medium size

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Angel Imperator Juvenile Medium Pomacanthus imperator Common Name: Imperator Angel Juvenile, Emperor Angel Description: The Imperator Angel Juvenile is somewhat different compared to its adult counterpart. The juvenile Imperator is dark blue with white lines that seems to curve, making a circle near the center of the fish's body. The juvenile Imperator can grown to approximately 15 inches. Recommended Tank Size: Due to the size of the juvenile Imperator Angel, tank size should be approximately a 100 gallon tank or larger with plenty of room for grazing and hiding. Ideally, these fish prefer an aquarium with live rocks and plenty of room for swimming. Boulders, caves, and coral niches are also ideal for the juvenile Imperator's aquarium. Make sure your new juvenile Imperator is being placed in a tank with good water conditions. For example, the fish should be placed in a seasoned water system - one that has been treated for a couple of months, with the removal of any metabolites, a good quality salt mix, and a maintained pH level of 8.2 - 8.4. Food & Diet: Juvenile Imperators are considered omnivores but they can eat a diet that also contains greens, pellets, and flakes. These fish may also eat algae, marine sponge, frozen angel formulas, and live sponges. Level of Care: Moderate Reef Compatibility: Reef safe but proceed with caution, eats the corals and clam mantles.

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