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BUTTERFLY HENIOCHUS BROWN MEDIUM Heniochus varius Common Name: Brown Heniochus Butterfly, Humphead Bannerfish, Phantom Bannerfish Description: The Brown Heniochus Butterfly would be a very interesting additions to any tank. The body and head of this fish are both dark brown in color. There is a narrow white band behind the head and a diagonal white band that goes from the dorsal fin to the base of the tail. The forehead of the fish is humped and a curved horn exists over each eye. Recommended Tank Size: The Brown Heniochus Butterfly should be kept in a tank that is able to hold at least 75 gallons of water. The temperature in the tank should remain between a range of 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit and a pH level of about 8.1-8.4. These fish are generally very peaceful and will do well with other peaceful tankmates. There should be plenty of room in the tank for hiding and swimming around. Food & Diet: The brown Heniochus Butterfly is considered an omnivore. This fish should be fed a varied diet of prepared foods. Specifically, this fish may be fed bloodworms, brime shrimp, and green algae food. Level of Care: Moderate Reef Compatibility: Reef compatible with caution, nips at corals

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