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Members of the South American Corydoras genus are freshwater temperate and tropical catfish in the armored catfish family (Corydoradinae subfamily), and are commonly referred to as corydorases, cories, or cory catfish.

Corydoras are generally found in smaller-sized streams, along the margins of larger rivers, in marshes and ponds. They are native to slow-moving and almost still (but seldom stagnant) streams and small rivers of South America where the water is shallow and very clear.[citation needed] Most species are bottom-dwellers, foraging in sand, gravel, or detritus. The banks and sides of the streams are covered with a dense growth of plants, and this is where the corys are found. They inhabit a wide variety of water types but tend toward soft, neutral to slightly acidic or slightly alkaline pH and 5-10 degrees of hardness.

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Skunk Corydoras  REGULAR Corydoras arcuatus  
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