Assorted GloFish® Danio  REGULAR

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Glofish are the newest addition to the aquatic hobby. These fish are the first to be offered in the trade that are man made. The process involves the addition of the genes for fluorescent proteins found in corals to a fish embryo and so these amazing little critters will actually reproduce offspring that have the glowing color too. A great way to get crazy colors in your freshwater aquarium without buying a dyed, tattooed, or color injected fish. Glofish are now available in three species and an array of colors. Please keep in mind the genome of Glofish is patented and you are prohibited from selling offspring.

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Assorted GloFish® Danio  REGULAR Brachydanio rerio  
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Danio refers to members of the genera danio and devario. These fish are typically surface feeders and are excellent choices for a schooling fish. There are over 20 species of danio and the species Danio rerio was used to create the famous glofish that are genetically modified with fluorescent proteins to give them vivid bright colors that make for an amazing display. Larger danio species also make excellent dithers.

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