COPPERBAND BUTTERFLY - medium 3-4 inches

COPPERBAND BUTTERFLY - medium 3-4 inches

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BUTTERFLY COPPERBAND Chelmon rostratus Common Name: Copperband Butterfly Fish, Beaked Butterfly Fish, Beaked Coral Fish, Orange Stripe Butterfly Fish Description: The Copperband Butterfly has a circular body with four vertical orange-golden stripes that are outlined in black. The fish has a false eyespot on the rear of the dorsal fin and the mouth is very slender and elongated. The shape of the mouth is very helpful for gathering food in small places. This fish is very difficult to mistake for any other butterfly fish. Recommended Tank Size: The Copperband Butterfly should be placed in a 75 gallon tank with a temperature range between 72 - 78 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH level of about 8.1 - 8.4. These fish are very peaceful and should be house with similar tempered tank mates.. Food & Diet: The Copperband Butterfly is a carnivore. At first this fish may be reluctant to eat, so try a varied diet until it becomes use to the new surroundings. Try feeding the fish live adult brime shrimp mixed with forxen mysis, or live black worms. Level of Care: Difficult Reef Compatibility: Reef compatible with caution, may nip at invertebrates.

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