Copadichromis (Otopharynx) Decorus Nkete - 1.25 -2.25 inches

Copadichromis (Otopharynx) Decorus Nkete - 1.25 -2.25 inches

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Copadichromis (Otopharynx) Decorus Nkete is a fairly new fish to the hobby . Like most Copadichromis is a good community tank fish for a cichlid tank 55 gallons or more . The Decorus Nkete male is silver /blue with a purple hue and some yellow on the belly with yellow fins and tail. the female are the typical nondescript color silver, though shows some yellow on the tail. They are a relatively peaceful cichlid and is a good choice for a beginner . The male maximum size is approximately 6 inches. We have fed our cichlids the current All Purpose Fish Food Formula in our Florida Facility for over a year. Our cichlids are noticeably more active, grow quicker, have improved color, and we have all but eliminated bloat in even the most sensitive species, including tropheus. We have fed it to New World and African cichlids, assorted Livebearers, Discus, Loaches, Catfish, Danios, Tetras, Australian Rainbows, and virtually any fish that will eat a prepared food. Try some today and see for yourself !

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