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ANGEL BLUEFACE SMALL Euxiphipops xanthometopon Common Name: Blueface Angel, Yellowface Angel, Yellowmask Angel Description: The juvenile Blueface Angel and the adult Blueface Angel differ in appearance. The body of a juvenile Blueface Angel is covered with alternating vertical stripes of black, white, and sapphire blue. Once the juvenile Blueface Angel reaches about five inches, it begins to change into an adult causing a change in its appearance. Recommended Tank Size: The Blueface Angel requires a minimum of a 100 gallon tank. A tank that has plenty of live rock is an ideal home for the Bluefish Angel as this gives them plenty of room for hiding and grazing. The Blueface Angel may have tank mates but it is advised that it be the only Angel inside the aquarium. The temperature of the water should be approximately 72: 78 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH lovel between 8.1 and 8.4. Food & Diet: The Blueface Angel is an omnivore and should be fed a diet that consists of spirulina, marine algae, high-quality Angel preparations, frozen shrimp, and other meaty items. The fish should be at least three times a day. Level of Care: Moderate Reef Compatibility: Not reef compatible, nips at stony and soft corals and clam mantles.

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