Blue Ring Angel small

Blue Ring Angel small

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ANGEL BLUE RING SMALL Pomacanthus annularis Common Name: Blue Ring Angel, Blue King Angel Description: The Blue Ring Angel has a dark blue, almost black body with white curved bars on it. There is also a strikingly bright blue outer rim which lines the edges of about 2/3 of the back ot the juvenile fish. Recommended Tank Size: The Blue Ring Angel requires a 100 gallon tank. The fish may seem shy at first and may want to hide but eventually the fish will become more comfortable but until then using live rock for decoration will help give the fish places to hide and graze. The water quality inside the tank should be kept very high, a temperature between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH level of 8.1 - 8.4 should accomplish this goal. Food & Diet: The Blue Ring Angel is an omnivore. While this fish is able to eat greens, pellets, and flakes their diet should also consist of algae, fresh or frozen seafood, and angelfish food preparations containing various sponges. Level of Care: Moderate Reef Compatibility: Reef compatible, but with caution, nips at small corals and clam mantles.

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