BLUE HIPPO TANG - Large 4-6 inches

BLUE HIPPO TANG - Large 4-6 inches

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Paracanthurus hepatus Common Name: Blue Hippo Tang, Regal Tang Description: The Blue Hippo Tang is a very beautiful fish and would make a great addition to any tank. This fish is blue in color with black bands and a yellow tailfin. Recommended Tank Size: The Blue Hippo Tang should be kept in a tan that is able to hold at least 150 gallons of water. Temperature within the tank should range between 72 - 82 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH level between 8.1 - 8.4. Make sure the tank is equipped with lots of rockwork, this helps the fish feel a sense of safety and security. This fish will do will in groups and may also be kept singly or with a group of other Blue Hippo Tangs. These fish are relatively shy and at first they may do a lot of hiding behind rocks and in caves but after a while, they'll come out and swim around. The Blue Hippo Tang may even lay on its side and "play dead" but don't be let it alarm you. Food & Diet: The Blue Hippo Tang does eat algae but it should consistently be fed plankton and meaty foods. The fish may eat frozen mysis shrimp, finely chipped raw shrimp, flakes, pellets, and frozen preparations. Level of Care: Easy Reef Compatibility: Not reef compatible, eats algae

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