Aquatic Plants

  • Moneywort Potted

    Bacopa monnieri (waterhyssop, brahmi, thyme-leafed gratiola, water hyssop, herb of grace, Indian pennywort is a perennial, creeping herb native to the wetlands of southern India, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America. Bacopa is...

  • Ozelot Sword Plant - MEDIUM

    Echinodorus 'Oriental' is a mutation, arising from Echinodorus 'Rosé' in 1992 at Oriental Aquarium in Singapore. The unusual transparent pink color of the new leaves makes the plant a speciality, offering the chance to create new color contrasts in...

  • Pennywort Potted

    Hydrocotyle leucocephala inhabits wet and marshy habitats from northern Central America to southern South America. Owing to its ease of growth and suitability as an aquarium plant, it has long been common in the hobby and may be obtained from a wide...

  • Pink Chi Chi Blue Bell Compacta Potted REGULAR

    Pink Chi Chi Blue Bell Compacta Potted REGULAR Ruellia brittoniana Pink ..narrow, dark green foliage clothes the 2' tall stem, topped with 1" pink petunia-like flowers, from early summer through fall. Ruellia 'Chi Chi' has performed well in both...

  • Pink Telanthera Plant Bunched

    Alternanthera reineckii var. roseafolia..Kasselmann describes five forms of this plant, of which Alternanthera reineckii 'roseafolia' (also known as Alternanthera reineckii 'Pink') is the easiest to cultivate

  • Pink Telanthera Potted

    Alternanthera reineckii is a species of aquatic plant in the amaranth family, Amaranthaceae. Several cultivars are used as ornamental plants in aquaria.

  • Radican Sword Potted - REGULAR

    Echinodorus cordifolius is a species of aquatic plants in the Alismatales. It is native to Mexico, the West Indies, Central America, South America and the southeastern United States