Aquatic Plants

  • Anubias Nana Plant - MEDIUM

    This plant's thick short-stemmed dark green leaves are some of the smallest and most compact in the Anubias species, growing only to 3.2 inches (8 cm) for a total height of 4.7 inches Like most Anubias species, this plant grows well partially and fully...


  • Aponogeton Madagascar Lace Plant - MEDIUM

    Aponogeton madagascariensis is commonly known as Madagascar Laceleaf, Lattice Leaf or Lace Plant. It is an aquatic plant native to Madagascar and is popularly sold for use in aquaria. It is endangered in the wild.


  • Aponogeton Wonder Plant Bulb

    Aponogeton boivinianus is an easy plant. The oldest leaves are deep dark-green, while younger leaves are light-green and sometimes brownish until they are fully developed with leaves that can grow over 2 feet long. After flowering aponogeton boivinianus...


  • Babytears Potted

    Hemianthus micranthemoides, also known as Baby Tears, Pearl Grass and Pearl Weed, is a popular aquatic plant most commonly used in aquascaping. It is very similar to H. callitrichoides, but has much smaller leaves than the latter.


  • Banana Plant - MEDIUM

    Nymphoides aquatica is an aquatic plant in the Menyanthaceae, native to the southeastern United States from Texas to Maryland. It is known variously as the Banana Plant, Banana Lilly, and the Big Floating Heart.


  • Brazilian Sword Potted

    The Brazil sword is a slow growing rosette, capable of large growth. Not a true aquatic plant, also known as the 'Peace Lilly'.


  • Cabomba Plant Bunched

    Purple Cabomba, Cabomba pulcherrima, is a hardy plant that has found its way into a number of planted aquariums for its pretty purple hues.


  • Cherry Hedge Plant Bunched

    Alternanthera ficoidea..Alternanthera ficoidea – Also known as hedge or Joseph's coat , this plant is offered in several different varieties for aquariums.