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Saltwater Tangs sold on this site are generally 1 inches to 4 inches in length. All of these small fish are sold as unsexed juveniles. Different sizes will be designated in the description as follows. Size will vary for species and season.

TR - tank raised 1- 2 inches

Small 2 - 3 inches

Medium 3-4 inches

Large 4-6 inches

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 Ctenochaetus tominiensis

Common Name: Bristletooth Tomini Tang, Tomini Surgeonfish Description: The Juvenile Bristletooth Tomini Tang is tan in color with a combination of yellow, blue, and white highlights. As this fish matures its body color solidifies, the tail of the fish becomes blue, and both the dorsal and anal fins have a golden-yellow hue at the tip. Just above the fish's eyes are small golden flecks that have a golden half circle underneath it.

Recommended Tank Size: The Juvenile Bristletooth Tomini Tang should be kept in a tank able to hold at least 70 gallons. The temperature in the tank should be kept between 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH level of about 8.1-8.4. This fish may not get along well with other tangs but at the same time it is rather peaceful with other fish. This tank should be equipped with plenty of space, as this fish enjoys swimming around the tank.

Food & Diet: The Juvenile Bristletooth Tomini Tang is an herbivore. This fish may eat meaty foods but they should be fed plenty of marine based seaweed and algae. This fish should be fed at least three times a week.

Level of Care: Moderate

Reef Compatibility: Reef compatible

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