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ZIG ZAG EEL regular

Freshwater eels is a broadly defined category consisting of members of the order Anguilliformes as as well as the spiny eels and other eel like fish such as polypterus. Some of these species are brackish and some are fully freshwater. As always, do your homework before taking in any new pet and be sure you can meet the requirements of these amazing fish.

For more details on this fish ,check out the product description tab below the picture on the left. The size chart is also available next to the product description tab.

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Mastacembelus circumcinctus (Zig-Zag Spiny Eel, Zig Zag Eel )..relatively peaceful fish provided it's tank mates are too large to be eaten. Does well with other peaceful but robust tank mates such as larger Loaches, Giant Danios, peaceful South American Cichlids such as Blue Acaras and larger Gouramis. Be sure there is nothing with it under 2".

Freshwater eels sold on this site are generally 1 inches to 6 inches in length. All of these small fish are sold as unsexed juveniles. Different sizes will be designated in the description as follows.Size will vary for species and season.

TR - tank raised 1- 2 inches

Small 2 - 3 inches

Medium 3-4 inches

Large 4-6 inches


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