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BLUE VELVET DAMSEL - small 2 - 3 inches

Stegastes partitus damselfish, also called demoiselle, any of about 250 species of small, primarily tropical marine fishes of the family Pomacentridae (order Perciformes) found in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific oceans. Damselfishes are deep-bodied and usually have forked tails. They resemble the related cichlids and, like them, have a single nostril on each side of the head and have interrupted lateral lines. Damselfishes have two anal spines. Many species are brilliantly coloured, often in shades of red, orange, yellow, or blue; most do not exceed a length of about 6 inches.

Damselfishes are lively and quick, and are usually strongly territorial and aggressive. Some feed mainly on plant matter or small animals suspended in the water; others are omnivorous. Most damselfishes live along reefs, but certain species, the anemone fishes, are noted for living among the stinging tentacles of sea anemones.

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Common Names: Javanese Damselfish, Blue-Streak Devil

Description:  The Damsel Blue Velvet is mainly black with an iridescent blue along with one large vertical stripe.  The fish will lose some of its coloring as they mature.  They can be found in the western pacific region and parts of Indian Ocean including Indonesia, and Fiji.

Recommended Tank Size:  Like other fish in the Damsel group, the Damsel Blue Velvet likes plenty of room to swim.  It is exciting to see them swim as they are active swimmers and can be performers.  The Damsel Blue Velvet will bring excitement to any group.  The minimum size tank is 30 gallons and higher water quality is required.  Another interesting fact is they like to hide, do it is important to have plenty of live rock in the aquarium.    It is also advisable that they be kept alone or with a mate as they are not suited for a peaceful community tank.

Food and Diet:   It is important to feed them several times a day rather than one or two larger meals.  They feed upon varied foods, meaty items, fresh and frozen preparations, and flaked foods.

Level of Care:  Easy

Reef Compatibility: Reef Safe

Saltwater Damselfish sold on this site are generally 1 inches to 4 inches in length. All of these small fish are sold as unsexed juveniles. Different sizes will be designated in the description as follows. Size will vary for species and season.

TR - tank raised 1- 2 inches

Small 2 - 3 inches

Medium 3-4 inches

Large 4-6 inches


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