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DENISON'S BARB (Roseline) regular

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DENISON'S BARB (Roseline) regular

Barbs are members of the family Cyprinidae. This group consists of the genera Puntius and Barbus. Barbs are usually considered to be good community fish, but some species like the Tiger Barb can be fin nippers. Tinfoil barbs and other larger species are often used as dither fish with aggressive species such as cichlids.

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Denison's Barb

Puntius denisonii

Other names: Red line torpedo barb, Roseline shark, Bleeding eye barb, Miss Kerala.

A great fish to have in your tank at home. These fish can live up to 8 years if kept right. Given from the name, this fish is distinct with it's torpedo body, with a black line running down the middle of it's side on both sides. There is also a red stripe running from the eye/snout.  As they mature, ther will be a green/blue marking on top of the head.

These fish also need to be kept in groups, or else they will become more aggressive.  They eat worms, fish, meat and flake.

Small    .75 - 1   inches
Regular  1 - 1.25  inches
Medium  1.5 -1.75  inches
Large      2 -  3  inches


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